$5.000.00 Trailer mobile kitchens, coldrooms and freezers rooms, guard houses,,bar toilets

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RVs - Campers - Caravans Published date: July 2, 2015 Modified date: July 8, 2015
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Region: Harare
  • City: Harare
  • City area: Harare
  • Address: 53B Charter Road Harare

We construct Mobile Kitchens, mobile beverage and/bar and grill trailers in harare, from a small mobile takeaway and all, the kitchens are fully equipped with catering equipment gas or electrical supplied by us as we supply all catering equipment as we'll stoves, boiling tables, chips fryers, grillers, sinks, tables, water tanks, 19kg gas tanks etc customized as per customer request as per business intended. The kitchens are constructed using insulated ply polyurethane panels same as ones used on cold rooms, designed with a lockable entry and serving doors for safety, and gas cages for gas. Neat tidy and hygienic and we have completely fully equipped catering tents with gas operated equipment and great flooring suitable for weddings and events where you setup tfemporarily, with boiling tables, deep fryers, sinks, tables, gas Bain marie, grillers etc. Just like the kitchens ours guard houses, offices, vending huts and concert boxes these are movable quick spaces contructed on wheels or basically stand alones and comes with generated power option or mains supply plugs lighting and airconditioning, furniture and toilets are optional and provided on request. Our concert boxes comes with an opening side that create a stage as well or simply a d.js window. We also sell all catering equipment refrigeration, catering, bakery and butchery equipment at very affordable prices for greater quality

Please call us or app on +263776062511
or email us For more info and prices

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