$35.000.00 GREAT PRIME PARKTOWN 2500sqm Stand for HOME/ $60,000pa Income Business Opportunity

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Stands for sale Published date: August 13, 2016 Modified date: January 5, 2017
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Region: Harare
  • City: Harare

GREAT PRIME PARKTOWN 2500sqm Stand for HOME/ $60,000pa Income Business Opportunity


With this well placed last good flat stand short distance to City/Work, schools, shops and Beatrice rd this is a rare chance to make your own big money by ADDING VALUE as below: The other 2000sqm is now SOLD.

1. Build your OWN MANSION with RENTED COTTAGES with a possibility of $20,000 INCOME per year forever!

2. Build 6 Modern Garden Flats with a possible INCOME of over $60,000 per year FOREVER!! Five years $300,000!! or R4,500,000!! Once built up they will work for you!

3. Build a HUGE MODERN CHURCH you can rent out if you cant talk long and hard! as options.

Above options are doable and actionable and have been done before by others who seat pretty now.
You can do it individually or as a syndicate by sending me only your SERIOUS interest via whatsapp or sms to the no below. I hold full title Deeds examinable at the Deeds office and only serious clients will be entertained. No Agent costs.

Stand Price $35,000 high deposit and negotiable terms will be considered. A dream chance to make your own money and run your own business.

Whatsapp me now. First come first served.
+27 84 514 4399

+27 84 514 4399

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