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Office Equipment Published date: November 11, 2013 Modified date: January 18, 2018
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  • Are your phone bills too high?Micro-BX is an integrated telephone management system for PABX installations. Does having to bar your PABX extensions get you down? Are you unable to account for individual phone calls? Would you like complete control over your telephone system?

    Then look no further!

    Many organisations have found their solution in

    Micro-BX is a PC based (Windows NT up to WIN7) telephone monitoring system that records calls made through an electronic PABX that supports call logging, (such as Alcatel, Ericsson, Goldstar, Interconnect, Mitel, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Siemens etc.). At the heart of this system is a powerful analysis programme to turn your raw data into coherent information, letting you know exactly what is happening on your phone system. It can identify those expensive calls, who makes them and to whom they are made.

    It has been adapted to suit the unique requirements of most countries phone systems. For example, it can identify STD codes together with their town names and can recognise which country has been dialed by name. Phone costs are calculated automatically by this programme for peak and off-peak rates.

    How Micro-BX works
    The system comprises of two components:
    The first is a call logging program that reads all call data from the PABX as calls are completed. This logging program runs on a standard PC and writes all the information the PABX supplies to disk. Information captured from a PABX includes the number dialed, time, date, duration and PABX extension. It runs in the background allowing the PC to still be used for its normal tasks, including Windows and modem communications!

    The second component does the bulk of the work for you. This is a powerful, user friendly analysis program for on screen investigations and provides you with regular printouts of detailed and summary reports.

    Extensions can be grouped into sections or cost centers making it easy to cost these sections. If your PABX is shared with another company on your premises, they can be presented with accurate monthly bills, which can also be supplied automatically as e-mail. Furthermore, if your PABX is able to support account codes, these can also be used to cost projects.

    Why do you need Micro-BX
    Without a doubt Micro-BX will go a long way to assist you in reducing your phone bills. For a typical installation, you will likely recover your investment within two months - you should see a reduction of 35% in your overall phone bill. As soon as personnel know that their phone calls can be logged, time consuming personal calls will be reduced to a minimum. Also, PABX congestion will be minimized, allowing people to phone in and out with more success. Good for business no matter which way you look at it.

    Micro-BX is an integrated telephone management system for PABX installations.

    Micro-BX monitors the line activities and usage, checks which numbers are dialed and who has made the calls.

    Analyses telephone calls by frequency, time and cost.

    Drastically reduces your phone bills already in the first month.

    Checks your line occupancy rates and identifies defective lines.

    Identifies PABX problems if and when they occur.

    Monitors incoming calls, how long they take to be answered and which extensions receive them.

    Invoices individuals (perhaps guests) for phone calls as soon as they are completed.

    Identifies extensions by name or cost centre and works with account codes.

    Identifies regularly dialed numbers by name.

    Produces reports and invoices automatically at month end from your previously defined criteria, also as e-mail.

    Over 3000 systems successfully installed in Europe and Africa.

    We have a special version for Hotels and Hospitals which can bar/unbar extensions of guest rooms and post calls to the front office system.

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