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Education - Training Published date: September 25, 2013 Modified date: October 1, 2013
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Region: Harare
  • City: Harare
  • City area: Borrowdale

Industry: Private High School
Location: Borrowdale, Harare

A newly established Private co-ed college, invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced persons for the position of Headmaster.

• Minimum of 5 years previous experience in a similar role
• Masters in Education or higher
• Computer literate
• Excellent command of the English language
• Academic & admin leadership in an Independent School
• Ability to communicate effectively at all levels
• Able to identify opportunities for continued development of the College

Duties and Responsibilities
• Reporting to Board of Directors
• Supervises Teachers and non-teaching staff
• Interacts with Parents and Pupils in a professional manner
• Effective management of the school

How to Apply
If interested and qualify; please email your complete resume
0775 904 242
073 439 8629

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