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Other (Home) Published date: February 15, 2015 Modified date: February 18, 2015
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Region: Harare
  • City: Harare
  • We sell a brand new,original Thermomix TM5 at affordable price with warranty.

    Product Information

    Technical Specifications


    Maintenance-free Vorwerk reluctance motor, 500W rated power
    Speed continuously adjustable from 100 to 10,700 rpm (gentle stir 40 rpm)
    Special speed setting (alternating mode) for making dough
    Special safety feature: electronic motor protection to prevent overload

    Heating system

    1,000W power consumption
    Protected against overheating

    Integrated scales

    Measuring range from 5 to 3000g in 5g increments (to max 6kg)


    High-grade plastic material, food compatible

    Mixing bowl

    Stainless steel with integrated heating system and temperature sensor
    Maximum capacity 2.2 litres

    Connected load

    Maximum power consumption 1,500W
    Pull-out cable, 1m long

    Dimensions and weight (excluding Varoma)

    Height 33.5cm
    Width 33.3cm
    Depth 32.6cm
    Weight 7.7kg


    24 month warranty

    Buy in bulk attach Free shipping and fast delivery worldwide.

    Shipping Agents – FedEx, UPS and DHL
    Time – 24-48Hours

    We maintain multiple-supplier sources for our products as a means of being able to continually offer the best products at the best prices,

    Contact us for more informations on the extended warranty:

    Contact publisher

    Useful information

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    • View, test and handle the item before purchase to ensure that all is in working condition, and Meet in a public place or somewhere that you feel comfortable with such as your place of work, police station or shopping mall.
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