$60.00 Great Festive Gifts For Less! Imported Guaranteed Smartphones Galore!

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Cell Phones - Accessories Published date: November 11, 2013 Modified date: November 11, 2013
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Region: Harare
  • City: Harare
  • City area: Cbd
  • Address: Suite 7, 2nd Floor Morgan House 27 G. Silundika Avenue
  • Great Festive Gifts For Less! Imported Guaranteed Smartphones Galore!

    CDMA ZTE Android Smartphone For Your Africom/Teleone Line!
    Do you want a mobile phone which gives you access to
    -Unlimited Africom to Africom phone calls?
    -Access to your landline on your mobile?
    - 3G Data browsing?
    -Access to a great Android world of fantastic applications?
    - 3.2MP Camera
    -Can take memory card up to 16GB
    -2.8" Capacitive Touch Screen
    -Bluetooth, Wifi
    Great phone for a giveaway offer!
    Get it for only $60

    Mint Boxed Motorola Milestone For Sale!
    Heavy Metallic Black Build
    Full Android 2.2.1 Version OS
    5MP Camera with Flash
    8GB SD Card
    Full sideslide QWERTY keyboard
    Charger, USB Cable, Earphones & A Dorking Station
    Whatsapp,Twitter, Youtube, Gmail, Facebook Messenger
    Navigator, Google Maps, etc
    Wifi, Bluetooth, 3G Mobile Hotspot internet sharing
    Quickoffice for easy access to office documents on the go
    What a sensational personal gadget!
    $250 (neg)

    Nokia E52 For only $70

    I deliver anywhere within Harare

    Yvonne Manhizwa
    Website: www.wellmusinvest.com
    Cell/Whatsapp: 0772739627
    Address: Suite 7, 2nd Flr, Morgan House, 27 G. Silundika Ave, Harare

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