Check with seller Karaoke this week – Wednesday at the cage

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General Published date: May 30, 2012
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Region: Harare
  • City: Harare

Firstly reminder about karaoke this week – Wednesday at the cage, mabelreign country club 8-12pm no cover charge full bar and catering.Friday at mount pleasant sports club 8-12pm full bar and catering no cover charge.Saturday at adrienne’s restaurant 8-12pm. As it is a restaurant, they do like you to come and eat! Minimum charge for eating $10 per person then stay and sing with us!
All great venues and all welcome! Bring some ‘virgins’!!!!
Dance classes only twice a week at the moment as attendance is a little too low to warrant 4 classes as I have been doing. If I ge some more beginners in, I can go back to separating the classes again. So if you are 12/13 years and up and want to dance phone me on 492314/0772303332 or this email!

This Saturday dave and I invite you ALL to mabelreign club warbury road at 11.15am to come and learn about this wonderful company we have both joined ‘WORLD VENTURES’. We have spoken to a lot of people who have been making enquiries and a lot of you have come to a presentation or I have done a one on one with you.If you don’t know anything about this company, this is the ideal time to come and learn about it. It is endorsed by the minister of tourism, Minister Walter Mzembe, and is bringing tourism back to Zimbabwe, bringing cheap holidays for all of us here (and let’s face it – how many times in a year do you all say ‘you NEED a holiday’!!) at 4 and 5 star locations for the price of 2 and 3 star, AND…….and this is, I think, a real draw card for a lot of us who don’t have pension plans – I think that is EVERYONE in Zimbabwe……… is a way to make this your own business where you will earn your own income.I joined because I have all my family so far away from me in distant overseas countries and have never had the money to be able to visit them, and I can tell you, I miss them like hell! Travel cheap – immediate bell goes off in my head – make money to travel or to even live – double bell goes off in my head. What did it do to you????

Dave joined with me because quite simply – WE HAVE NO PENSION PLAN HERE FRIENDS! As you get older you will realize this is a huge problem we all face. What do you have to leave your children when you are old? This company is an asset – you have to leave this business in your will to your kids.

On that note, come on Saturday and learn about it – it will be worth your 1 hour of time to do so.
With love to you all for a brighter future


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