$480.00 Wireless Home/Office /Shop Smart GSM Burgler/Fire Alarm System

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Security & Surveillance Published date: May 27, 2017 Modified date: December 8, 2017
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Region: Harare
  • City: Harare
  • Package Content

    1 x English User Manual
    1 x Kerui Smart GSM Burgler/Fire Alarm host (with built-in backup battery)
    1 x Charger
    1 x Wireless Smoke Detector (with battery)
    6 x Wireless Door/Window Gap Sensors (with battery)
    4 x Remote Controllers (with battery)
    5 x Wireless Indoor PIR Motion Sensors (with battery)
    1 x Wired Siren

    Main Functions And Features:

    1. 1.7inch TFT color display, humanized menu, operation with voice prompt, easy to use
    2. There are 99 zones and 8 zone types optional in each zone; ON/OFF siren in each zone is available.
    3. 4 sets scheduled arm/disarm/stay arm functions by zone/day/time.
    4. 6 groups for alarm phone No., automatically dial preset phone number on power failure.
    5. 10s automatic message recording with built-in artificial voice, so that user can know the alarm place and zone when receive the alarm call remotely.
    6. Arm/Disarm, Monitor, Speaker, siren ON/OFF, smart socket ON/OFF remotely(optional).
    7. Wireless study 1527 series accessories, and as much as 99 detectors and 99 remote controllers.
    8. Telephone/SMS message long-distance control for arming, disarming, monitoring, remote announcement from anywhere in the world.
    9. APP control: host set and administration, and supports IOS/Android.
    10. Host can call other phones directly as an ordinary phone.
    11. One-way alarm linkage wireless relay, and one-way wireless strobe siren
    12. Integrated high precision clock chip so that time is never lost even on power failure.
    13. Can display the latest 72 arm/disarm and 102 alarm records.
    14. 2 groups of CID number. Compatible with international alarm networking protocol Contact ID
    15. Low-voltage indication and anti-tamper.
    16. Built-in rechargeable high capacity Lithium Ion battery and supplies power automatically when grid power supply fails
    17. Caller ID display, power-off reminder.

    For more information please Call:0719487487/0719980804 or Whatsapp only:0777980804

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