Our Story


The Beginning

We are all born gifted & with a purpose in life; however, many spend years in wilderness searching for that purpose which only the wise find. Gladly for us, that search is over. Our purpose is to make things happen for you. Zimcart.com was created in 2012 & is a virtual platform where buyers & sellers meet, an on online shopping mall if you prefer to call it as such, thus visitors on Zimcart.com can search for any product & services on the site. Visitors to our site can also advertise their products & services, make invitations, upload articles or make announcements – All for FREE. Zimcart.com is a powerful marketing tool for achieving your goals & if used to the fullest, it can yield rewards in abundance.

We all buy or market something in life, it maybe tangible like an automobile or a service like repairs, an exhibition or simply an invitation. It maybe small like a pin or big like land, Zimcart.com will give you the platform to market or buy it. You may be an individual or organisation; you maybe in the commercial sector or not for profit sector all are welcome. Zimcart.com is very accommodating & enjoys your presence & warmth.

Our Team

Not only is Zimcart.com gifted with talents but it boasts of a capable, technical, business minded & social team that is there to ensure the satisfaction of its clients. The team is motivated by its quest to solve new challenges & generate creative solutions so that your visit/tour/stay at Zimcart.com is pleasant & fruitful.

Why Choose Zimcart?

Online advertising has become the fastest growing mode of advertising. With the advent of broadband, over 5million Zimbabweans have access to the internet. Organisations that managed to keep abreast with changes in technology have great opportunities to carve a niche & increase sales, market share or simply enjoy a bigger audience.

  • · Reading habits are changing fast. More prospective customers are going  online everyday, and they are spending more time online than on traditional media.


  • · The biggest strength of online advertising is the direct response that it offers to both customers and advertisers. Audiences are just one click away from the advertisers, creating a unique opportunity for advertisers to engage in two-way communication with buyers.


  • · The Internet enables extensive coverage, as it has the capacity to reach global audiences at a rapid rate.


  • · In addition to large marketing potential, the medium offers unlimited opportunities for creativity.


  • · With online advertising, consumers can respond promptly.


  • · Unlike the traditional means of advertising, online advertising is affordable & very green.


  • · Advertisers can place referral ads on Zimcart site & direct visitors to their site.


  • · Zimcart.com has several ways of measuring the effectiveness of a campaign & Zimcart Account Holders can utilise these tools to their advantage.


  • · Not only does zimcart create a platform for advertisers to showcase their business, but also makes several efforts to enhance & promote the site for the convenience of its members & visitors.



Many make the mistake of procrastinating whilst their clever counterparts never waste a chance to leap ahead. Register with Zimcart.com & lead the pack.

If you want to know more about what we can do for you, visit Our Products & Services page & if you have any questions feel free to check the FAQ page or contact our team at info@zimcart.com


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