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CD's DVDs & Gaming Published date: March 30, 2012 Modified date: October 14, 2012
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Region: Harare
  • City: Harare

Special prize offer for all the classic comedies and Christian movies listed below - all for $50
, hurry please its too late .offer until 5th of April (NB for this special offer you must bring your own external hard drive with free space of 130G)


Hurry and buy a collection for your family before its too late, bringing you the very best of old classic clean comedies that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home

Please do call or email me requesting for non- Christian movies..please

¢ Only fools and horses complete series - 17.2G - $20

¢ Keeping up appearance complete series - 8.03G for $10

¢ Some mothers do 'ave' em complete series - 6.87G $10

¢ Allo allo 19.2G - $20

¢ Are you being served -$20

¢ the vicar of dibley - 7.98G - $10

¢ father ted - $10

¢ the thin blue line - $10

¢ mind your language 5.6G - $10

Madea(tyler perry ) collection - $10 featuring :
meet the browns
diary of a mad black women
marriage counsellor
madea's big happy family
madea goes to jail
a madea Christmas

All the Christian movies (special collection of over 30 movies) for only $20
Featuring movies like:
¢ the courageous 2011
¢ the grace card 2010
¢ without a father 2010
¢ fireproof
¢ facing the giants
¢ the ultimate gift
¢ time changer
¢ no greater love
¢ the trial 2010
¢ Clancy
¢ Cutback
¢ Forgiven
¢ Ice castles
¢ Christmas card
¢ Second glance
¢ The 5th quarter
¢ The encounter
¢ Gifted hands
¢ The indescribable - louie giglio
¢ The anchor of hope - louie giglio
¢ The list
¢ The imposter
¢ The shunning
¢ The wager
¢ Escape from hell
¢ The moses code
¢ Pilgrim's progress
¢ Lay it down
¢ Letters to God
¢ Daitone
¢ A man called peter
¢ What would Jesus do
¢ Knockout 2011
¢ There be dragons
¢ The saber
¢ Hillsong dvd - hope
¢ Matt redman live concert dvd
¢ Don moen dvd

You can bring your own external drive if you are interested or will can burn them for you in data format on dvds

Call desire 0775 240 133

Desire kandawasvika
0775 240 133

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