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Health - Beauty Published date: May 31, 2012 Modified date: May 31, 2012
  • Country: Zimbabwe
  • Region: Harare
  • City: Harare
  • Whatever it is that the YOU want to obtain...
    ... Let REDDUNE help you achieve it.
    REDDUNE FITNESS are approved agents of renowned fitness brands.
    Our passion is bringing internationally rated products right here into
    Zimbabwe. We offer a wide range of imported machines to choose from for
    the whole family with an added one year warranty on all machines. Our
    well stocked shop includes:-

    -Treadmills from $1100,
    -Rowing Machines from $340,
    -Elliptical Cross-Trainers from $450
    -AB Machines, AB Coaster Machines
    -Spinning and Exercise Bikes from $320,
    -Home Gyms from $750,
    -Door Gyms @ $60,
    -Barbells, Dumbbells from $12
    -Medicine balls from $30
    -Exercise Mats, Steppers, Body balls, Pilate's bands, -and lots more in store
    We are serious about fitness pay us a visit first before you buy. ~You
    won’t be disappointed.

    Lowest Pricing guaranteed. All pricing incl. VAT

    Contact us on 04-2916680
    Shop 7, 1st Floor, CABS Building,
    Bond Shopping Centre
    Mt Pleasant, Harare
    Tel: 04-2916680

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